First quarter results up 47% year on year——Xiamen satellite TV reports cowel

2020-07-09 10:27:58

On April 24 and April 30, Xiamen satellite TV conducted special reports and interviews on Cowell group for two consecutive times. Under the test of the epidemic situation, the performance of Cowell group in the first quarter increased by 47% year-on-year, and the e-commerce sector increased by 300% year-on-year.
Cowell group is the largest sports equipment manufacturer in Asia, and its products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions around the world. Since the outbreak of the Xinguan epidemic, the orders of Cowell group at home and abroad have increased explosively, and the first quarter performance increased by 47% year on year.
In an interview with Xiamen TV station, Li Yaojun, President of Cowell group, said: in terms of R & D, we invest the most R & D funds in the same industry every year. The second is to continuously expand the production scale and upgrade many equipment to automatic production equipment. Under the epidemic situation, our orders are increasing instead of decreasing.
In the face of virus, improving immunity is the most important means to prevent infection. During the outbreak, all offline gyms were closed because of the dense and closed personnel involved. However, as long as there is fitness in mind, everywhere can exercise. People with increasing awareness of fitness choose to do sports at home, which makes the demand for treadmills and other sports equipment increase greatly.
Since the resumption of work on February 10, the R & D team, operation team and production workshop of Cowell group quickly pressed the "fast forward key". Orders from home and abroad poured in, and the power of the production line was fully opened. The enterprise not only returned to work, but also temporarily recruited 800 employees.
This performance outbreak is not accidental. The group has a long-term vision and layout ahead of schedule. Every year, it invests research and development funds ahead of the same industry and uses automatic production equipment for large-scale upgrading. These are the basis for the explosive growth of orders under the epidemic situation.
The development of the group is also inseparable from the government's policy of stabilizing production and helping enterprises. During the period of returning to work and production, Xiamen municipal government has been providing guidance on epidemic prevention, and has also provided various help for enterprises to restore normal production order. Li Yaojun, President of Cowell group, said: it's warm and confident to invest in Xiamen. I don't think the epidemic is so terrible. As long as the (business) environment and its own conditions are good, everything can be solved easily.
After this "epidemic", the pattern of domestic fitness market is bound to change. Although the epidemic has brought problems of one kind or another, it is also an opportunity. In the future, Cowell group will invest more capital and R & D, get through the service mode of hardware + content + good interaction + ifit, and serve the majority of fitness enthusiasts.