The benefits of Cowell people's heatstroke prevention and cooling in 2020

2020-07-09 10:33:45

In Xiamen in May, the temperature tends to approach or even exceed the body temperature. Heat is a high frequency word at present.
There are such a group of steel Yu people, because of the double growth of orders after the year, fighting in the first-line workshop, with sweat as a partner, to ensure the timely and high-quality delivery of group orders.
Li Yaojun, President of the group, showed solicitude for the front-line staff and proposed to the management department on May 5 that the heatstroke prevention and cooling supplies should be distributed to the employees in advance in 2020.
The management department immediately responded and mobilized the personnel. In less than three days, more than 1600 heatstroke prevention and cooling supplies were in place. In the early morning of May 8, a long line was formed in front of the management department. The clerks of each department took the "high temperature welfare" belonging to their respective departments, and then sent them to each employee, so as to achieve the goal of "one person in each hand, no one left behind".
Hot weather is the most likely to catch fire. Babao chrysanthemum tea is popular among employees. The group has prepared herbal tea made in accordance with the ancient method for every employee, including orange peel, hawthorn, chrysanthemum, cassia seed, medlar, honeysuckle, etc., which brings cool and healthy at the same time.
At present, the order volume of Cowell group has doubled, and the first-line workshop is in intensive production. In order to ensure the quality and progress of orders, the health and safety of employees is also the most concerned thing of the group leaders. A comprehensive deployment arrangement was carried out to ensure the smooth progress of production.
This is only the first wave of welfare for the group's employees in high temperature season. In order to ensure both work and health, especially to do a good job of heatstroke prevention and cooling work for front-line staff in the workshop, Cowell group has also formulated a number of measures and emergency plans. The workshop should strengthen the publicity of heatstroke prevention and cooling knowledge, let the staff master the necessary knowledge of heatstroke prevention; adjust the personnel who are not suitable for high temperature operation to prevent accidents; ensure adequate supply of drinking water, etc.
Summer heatstroke prevention and emergency treatment tips
1. Wear sunglasses, sunshade cap or umbrella when going out;
2. Wear light colored cotton or silk fabrics with good air permeability. Do not be shirtless when going out;
3. If you want to adapt to the change of temperature slowly, you should slow down when you are engaged in outdoor activities. People who stay outdoors for a long time should take heatstroke prevention drugs with them;
4. In high temperature environment, protein decomposition in the body increases, so it is necessary to supplement protein in time. You can choose fresh fish, shrimp, chicken, duck and other high-quality protein food with less fat content, and you can also eat some soybean products and other food rich in plant protein;
5. Sweating too much not only makes the body lose water, but also loses a lot of sodium and potassium, so we should add some sodium and potassium properly. Sodium can be supplemented by adding salt and soy sauce to food. Foods with high potassium content include bananas, bean products, kelp, etc;
6. Drink water at any time. Don't wait for thirst. Can drink homemade sunstroke drinks, such as mung bean soup, watermelon juice, chrysanthemum tea, etc;
7. Do not eat too much cold drink, so as to avoid gastrointestinal vasoconstriction and affect digestive function;
8. Eat a variety of melons: wax gourd diuretic, antiphlogistic, detoxification; Luffa antipyretic wind, phlegm cooling blood; balsam pear heat clearing heart; cucumber fiber can discharge intestinal spoilage food, reduce cholesterol; pumpkin tonic Qi, anti-inflammatory pain. Eat more cool vegetables: such as tomato, eggplant, lettuce, asparagus, etc. Eat more bitter vegetables, balsam pear, bitter cabbage, Kuding tea, bitter bamboo shoots are the best food for summer heat prevention;
9. Take a bath or wipe the skin with a wet towel to remove sweat and let water evaporate to help heat dissipation;
10. Reasonably arrange work and rest time, ensure adequate sleep, avoid excessive activities in the strong sunlight at noon.
In case of heatstroke, the following emergency measures should be taken: first, move the heatstroke victim to a ventilated, cool and dry place for rest; secondly, let the heatstroke person lie on his back, unbutton his clothes and take off or loosen his clothes. If the clothes are soaked with sweat, dry clothes should be replaced, and the electric fan or air conditioner should be turned on at the same time to reduce the patient's temperature to below 38 ℃. Can also use cold wet towel cold compress the patient's head, neck, armpit and groin and other parts of the blood vessels, with warm water or alcohol wipe the whole body.
The conscious heatstroke person or after cooling sober heatstroke person may drink mung bean soup, light salt water or other salt containing cool drinks. General patients can recover within 30 minutes to several hours after treatment. For severe heatstroke, with high fever, unconsciousness, convulsions and other symptoms, call 120 immediately, and ask for medical staff for emergency treatment.