The first exhibition of BLACKSTONE 2020 is coming

2020-07-09 10:44:18

The annual Automobile Expo on the west coast of the Straits opened in the exhibition center this morning. The annual Haixi Automobile Expo is a grand feast. This year's Haixi Auto Expo is the first exhibition to press the restart button of Xiamen Convention and exhibition industry since the epidemic situation eased. At this year's auto show, there are nearly hundreds of enterprises participating in this year's auto exhibition to create a new auto aftermarket industry exhibition. It plays a particularly important role in restoring economic order, boosting consumer confidence and stimulating market vitality.
Under the situation of normalization of epidemic prevention and control this time, a large number of people still participated in the exhibition and jointly cheered for this grand event of automobile market. As the only outdoor oven brand invited to participate in the exhibition, Blackstone also brought consumers zero distance product experience. Blackstone, originated in Utah, USA, was founded in 2005. In 2015, Blackstone brand has been included by Gangyu group and carried forward. Through five years of unremitting efforts, Blackstone oven sales in the North American market ranked fourth, while the outdoor flat-panel oven griddle market share is the first in the world.
The Blackstone booth, covering an area of 150 square meters, mainly displays four series of Blackstone oven products and peripheral accessories. Original source series is the first work of Blackstone. Its main products are 28 inch and 36 inch flat panel ovens of various courtyard type. The operation is fast and simple, and the firepower is strong. It is suitable for folding and storing in pickup truck, and then installing and using after reaching the destination. The selling points of adventure adventure series products are fast folding, storage and small, which can be used for ordinary car trunk The products include B015 trunk oven, b011 stewing oven, b017n 17 inch outdoor oven with folding tripod, and b103v1 rangetop combo The oven, with a 4.3L frying pan, filter screen and thermometer, won the Excellence Award (top 20) of the "Egret Cup" cross strait Industrial Design Grand Prix in 2019 with its excellent industrial design and manufacturing technology. In addition, Blackstone has also developed a series of ovens with air explosion function; Pro Series Zunxiang series is the high-end series of Blackstone. They usually have cabinets and drawers, and the top cover is similar to the shape of automobile engine sheet metal parts, which are mainly used in villas, gardens, and small yards.
In addition to oven products, the exhibition also selected the surrounding tools and accessories of Blackstone oven, such as stew pot cover, knives, shovels, cleaning stones, storage bags, tarpaulins, aprons, anti scald gloves and other special products. For example, there are taco holders specially used to make Mexican American taco, iron bacon press like iron modeling, American rural style modeling with iron and wooden plug - fried egg ring. All kinds of novel tools will surely let you have an insight and broaden your horizons!
A good place for the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center. Look at the car, see the model car, look at the oven. Welcome to Blackstone Xiamen 2020.