Cowell attended the online promotion and docking meeting!

2020-07-09 10:48:19

On July 3, under the guidance of the Ministry of Commerce and the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, the online promotion and docking meeting (the first in Fujian) with the theme of "expanding domestic sales of Taiwan funded enterprises" officially opened. More than 200 enterprises from the mainland are gathered to promote business opportunities with the mainland.
The promotion meeting will be held in Beijing and Fujian, with the mode of network video conference and live broadcast. Cowell group is invited to attend the promotion meeting!
Cowell group is the largest fitness equipment production base in Asia and a leading enterprise in Xiamen fitness equipment industry, with a total investment of 90 million US dollars and a manufacturing base of more than 1000 mu, which can produce 2 million sets of various sports and fitness equipment annually. It has won the honor of "top 100 enterprises in Xiamen", "Xiamen quality brand" and "Fujian Provincial Leading enterprise".
This "cloud promotion meeting" is a very special opportunity for Cowell group, and it is also a very good display window for domestic sales. Gathering in the cloud with more than 200 enterprises, it will have more and better cooperation opportunities for the future upstream and downstream expansion of the industrial chain, the opening of domestic market, online and offline dual channels.
This promotion meeting, Cowell group and a number of enterprises for online communication and negotiation. Among them, Fujian wending supply chain, Guangdong onion group and other enterprises have shown a strong interest in Cowell group products and cooperation intention. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the increasing awareness of health, the demand for fitness equipment will be increasing.
Lin Jianfeng, online e-commerce manager of Cowell group, was interviewed by Xiamen satellite TV during the meeting. He believes that the domestic market has precise policy support from the government, a first-class business environment and a broad domestic demand market. Here is the main position for the future development of Cowell group. Cowell group will join hands with the government to contribute to regional economic development.
The epidemic situation can not stop the development of Cowell group. With the help of Xiamen municipal government, Cowell group took the lead in completing the resumption of work and production in the region at the beginning of the year. Since the start of the project, in the face of the shortage of employees within the group, Xiamen government, together with the government of Jishishan County, Ningxia, has helped enterprises recruit workers one-on-one to ensure that normal production can be resumed as soon as possible and orders at home and abroad are delivered.
At present, Cowell group has formulated the "China localization plan to realize the world-class fitness equipment brand ICON", striving to bring the world's advanced fitness equipment and fitness knowledge to China within the stage time, so as to promote the vigorous development of domestic fitness cause. This promotion meeting will be of great strategic significance for the group to open up the domestic market.
In the future, we will work together online and offline to carry out closer cooperation with Tmall and Jingdong platforms; offline, we will strongly march into more than 30 provinces and cities across the country to open stores, bringing more scientific and professional sports and fitness equipment experience to Chinese users.